BlindsCAPE Case Studies

Think your windows are odd shaped and there’s no way you can fit blinds over them? You have an idea of exactly how you want your windows to look but have difficulty sharing that thought?

Here are a handful of real case studies from real customers along with proof that just about anything is possible.


Mr X in Maidenhead originally called us in with a brief to supply mains powered roller blinds, over a set of bi-folding doors. We also had to ensure they were compatible with a Control4 Home Automation System. At the initial site visit we took the time to narrow down the specification further. The fabric we suggested has a high level of UV protection in excess of 95% which ensures the room stays cool in the summer when the sun was glaring through, whilst at the same allowing the view of the garden to remain unobstructed. The UV filtering fabric we put forward also allows for maximum light to enter into the room.

As the finished look was of the utmost importance we suggested the use of aluminium, full fascia cassettes. This allowed us to hide the wiring within the cassette and also all of the blind’s brackets and fixings. By doing this we also removed the unsightly gap normally seen above a traditional roller blind. The cassette was coloured matched to the doors so when the blinds were fully raised it appeared as though this customer had no blinds at all – a clean a seamless finish. From start to finish we liaised directly with the electricians and control system team, removing the stress away from the client by negating the need to ‘play piggy in the middle’.


Mr and Mrs Y in Maidenhead wanted us to supply plantation shutters to their new sash windows. Although this couple knew the ‘look’ they wanted to achieve, we offered guidance through the multiple options available to them. With a world of choices to make, including what material is best to use (We recommended MDF shutters rather than real wood or composite (PVC) shutters). The durability of MDF was a huge deciding factor especially as there was no compromise on the finish when compared to real wood or composite options. Ensuring scale when selecting louvre size is very important. We were able to gain maximum light with bigger louvres, whilst at the same time avoiding going too large on louvre size and spoiling the look of these traditionally styled windows, so we settled on a 76mm louvre.

In a Pure White finish this offered a clean look which suited the window and allowed for maximum light. A massive positive with shutters is the ability to keep low level privacy and high-level light and views. By adding a mid-bar at roughly half height in the window, we not only following the design of the window frames behind, it also allowed for the independent filtering of the top and bottom half of the shutter for maximum flexibility. The final touch came by choosing hidden tilt rods, removing another element that would block light and detract from a clean finish. We were able to set the shutters deep within the sash reveals, leaving the decorative architrave fully visible.


Mrs V in Wycombe originally called us up with no idea how to solve her shaped window problem. Unknown to a lot of people is that there are the various solutions we can offer for shaped windows. We pride ourselves on being able to provide products for all shapes of window. In the example we used a real wood plantation shutter as these can be made into almost any shape from curved to apex. We used a 76mm louvre to give a modern look whilst keeping away from the disadvantages of bigger louvres not fitting very well in the peak of the triangled section.

Once again, a modern hidden tilt rod system and Pure White finish was used to retain light and a sleek look. As this full-length bedroom window faced the driveway, we added the mid bar to allow for privacy and view. Another very happy Blindscape customer.


Mr and Mrs F in Maidenhead were looking for plantation shutters on their bay window. They had met with several  Companies prior to speaking to us. We are proud to say that we not only offered the best solution,  We were also able to do so at the most appealing price. This window was a challenge for other Companies as it was on an older home and, as is the way with most older bay windows, settlement had allowed the window to move out of square and level. We love a challenge like this and pride ourselves on the quality of finish we offer. For this customer we were still able to make this entire 5 panelled shutter in one piece, as opposed to screwing together 5 smaller shutters like competitors wanted to do. By making this in a single shutter we removed the unsightly joins and seams that would have been visible at every angle in the bay.

Although this approach was our decision and made for a much more challenging survey and lengthy install process it was more than worth it to achieve our normal high-quality finish. These shutters were made from MDF for durability and a 63mm louvre was used for a more traditional look. In order to gain maximum light entering the room we specified a hidden tilt rod and 2/3 up mid bar to allow the top louvres to be opened while retaining privacy. A nice finishing feature to the grey shutter is the stainless-steel hinges.


Mr and Mrs T in Ascot made a call to Blindscape for a solution for their new sun room. Originally, they thought that motorised blinds would not be an option as cabling had not been run during the build. However, with the ever-evolving battery technology already having firmly found its home in the Automated Blind sector, we were able to give this customer exactly what they wanted and more. We suggested a solution which works perfectly when the blinds are in use by shading the room from the sun but when it’s not in use it looks like nothing is there. Manufacturing blinds for ourselves means we can bring the best from all blind systems on the market directly to you. Our 7cm deep fascia with matching fabric cover was used to blend the blinds into the decor without impeding the practicality of the doors.

This slimline cassette is our most popular solution when installing roller blinds on large doors and we can cover up to 5 meters of door in a single fascia, housing any number of blinds to match the frames behind without joins in the cassette. The motors are our preferred Somfy brand which offer the end user up to 600 operations off of a single charge and a 5-year guarantee on the motors and controls. Recharging is simple by way of a USB style charging port on the blinds and charger with 3m length of cable so the blinds can be charged without the need to remove the blind from the window/door and the charger is then put back in their draw until the following year. Each blind can be controlled independently or as a group for maximum flexibility and voice activation and timing controls can be added to our Somfy blinds by using our Tahoma Hub and smart speakers.


Mr A in Slough wanted wooden venetian blinds on his bay window. Bay windows can pose a challenge for a lot of people as obstructions like window handles, architrave and coving can make them difficult to measure. Blindscape have the experience and knowledge to guide everyone through the pros and cons of the options available to them and then integrate the blinds seamlessly into the bay window allowing for all of these obstructions. As we manufacture these blinds ourselves in Maidenhead, we can do things that other manufacturers’ just can’t.

The pelmets have been mitred and matched to give a clean look to the finish and little embellishments, like metal cord pulls can be added for a premium look at little extra cost. A 35mm slat was used to ensure minimum gaps between blinds, and all cords length matched for continuity around the bay. That’s another happy Blindscape customer who is recommending us to friends and family.